Exciting Times Ahead for Midwest Apologetics

by Tim Chaffey

     As I type this, I am reflecting on the events of the week here in the Cincinnati area.  The Lord has been so gracious to us.  Not only has he given me eternal life through His Son but He has allowed this sinner to be a minister for Him.  He truly blesses those who strive to honor Him.  In the past few weeks I have seen numerous incredible opportunities open up for us as a ministry.

     This morning I had the wonderful opportunity to spend a few moments talking about Midwest Apologetics at the Answers in Genesis staff meeting (see right).  I'll have to admit that I was quite nervous last night thinking about what I would say.  The Lord calmed my nerves and I was able to share with the staff about the work that is being done for the Lord through our ministry.  Several staff members thanked and encouraged me following the meeting.  One gentleman even expressed interest in buying a Midwest Apologetics t-shirt (he saw me wearing it earlier in the week).  He said that it was "a beautiful piece of artwork" (compliments to the artist who was so generous to design it free of charge). 

     On May 12 - 13 I will be participating in a Creation Apologetics conference at Living Waters Bible Camp.  Carl Kerby from Answers in Genesis will be the featured speaker.  I will have an opportunity to give a presentation in which I critique the theological arguments of old earth creationists.  This talk is based on my paper entitled The Futility of Old Earth Arguments.  Speaking at the same event with someone of Carl's ability will undoubtedly give a tremendous boost to this ministry.

     On June 3 - 4 I will be doing our first mini-seminar.  I will be presenting a critique of the hugely popular book The Da Vinci Code.  This talk will be given just a couple of weeks after the upcoming movie opens in theaters everywhere.  Unfortunately, millions of people will be given a false view of history and the Bible when they see this film.  Dan Brown has literally made hundreds of false claims concerning the Church, the Bible, and Jesus Christ.  The following day I will be giving a talk on biblical inerrancy.

     There are other events in the works right now.  Details will be given when they are finalized.  We are excited about these opportunities and pray that God will use us to edify the Church and reach the lost with the Gospel message.  Please pray that we will seek the Lord's will in all things and that He would be pleased in all we do, say, and think about. 


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