The Creation Museum Trip

by Tim Chaffey

     As I reflect upon the events of the past week I am amazed at the impact that one week can have on a person's life.  Last Friday (March 17), I left home with a group of eight students and two other chaperones for a week with Answers in Genesis.  We met up with a group from my former youth group in Stewartville, MN.  In total, we had 18 people on this trip. 

     On Friday evening and all day Saturday we attended the Demolishing Strongholds conference hosted by AiG in West Harrison, IN.  The students and chaperones had a wonderful time at the conference.  They heard from some of the best Christian speakers in the nation such as Bill Jack, Ken Ham, Rod Martin, Carl Kerby, Jason Lisle, and Terry Mortenson.  The students were impressed that the speakers were happy to take the time to talk with them and to encourage them in their faith.  This conference helped them understand how important it is to have a firm foundation to one's faith.  It also taught them lessons that they will never forget.  They understand the nature of the battle - it's not science vs. religion - it's worldview vs. worldview.  Most importantly, they know that the Christian worldview is the right one.  It's the only one that is consistent both internally and externally.

     We were tremendously blessed to be able to stay at two homes in the Cincinnati area on Friday and Saturday.  The host families were incredibly gracious and demonstrated how the early Church treated one another - even complete strangers were treated as close family members because as Christians we are one family.  On Sunday, we attended my friend's home church and then traveled to the site of the Creation Museum where we would spend the remainder of our time.

     On Monday morning our crew reported for duty at the museum.  We spent the next four days volunteering our time and services to help out Answers in Genesis in any possible way.  The students were very impressed with the staff at AiG.  These people do view their work as a ministry rather than a job.  They were not only interested in finding work for our people but in helping them grow as believers.  The students worked very hard during the week and were able to accomplish a great deal.  They were well rewarded.  Among other things they had a photo op with Ken Ham (see left).  This picture was taken in the lobby area of the museum.  In the background are two young animatronic T-Rexes and a waterfall.  Several of the youth have already indicated that they want to come back next year to do it again.  Prayerfully, the museum will be on the verge of opening by that time.

     I am thankful that Answers in Genesis allowed our students this opportunity.  They were able to experience the value of volunteering their time while at the same time helping out fellow believers.  Also, they learned a lot about the creation v. evolution controversy and were strengthened in their faith.  This week will be one that they will never forget. 

     I'll close with a few thoughts about the museum itself.  This place is already amazing but when it opens next year it will be one of the most powerful evangelistic tools this world has ever seen.  The quality of the displays and exhibits is second to none.  Check out their website for more information.


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