Rabid Opposition to a Literal Genesis - From Christians!

by Tim Chaffey

     In an earlier article we mentioned that believers will face persecution (see Persecution and the Christian Life).  Sadly, much of the persecution comes from within the church.  Even worse, it seems that many Christians reserve their harshest criticism for fellow believers.  Nowhere is this more evident than in the old earth creationist (OEC) vs. young earth creationist (YEC) debate.[1] 

     To demonstrate this concept, I started a thread at www.theologyweb.com entitled “Roses are Red, Violets are Blue.”[2]  In this article, I demonstrate how these two flowers topple every one of the views that attempt to blend the “billions of years” with the Genesis account of creation.  In the first week on Theology Web, there were more than 1,150 views and over 120 posts.  In all, there are about eight major contributors to the thread.  Only one other person is a young earth creationist.  The rest are either old earth creationists or atheists.

     For the most part, the atheists have been very cordial in their debate.  While I certainly don’t agree with them I have enjoyed discussing this topic with them.  Sadly, it is the old earth creationists (not all of them) who have resorted to ad hominem attacks on my character and view.  Here is just a sampling of some of the quotes aimed at YECs by OECs.

“You are a fool.  I mean that sincerely.”

"a handful of slimey [sic] fearful liars at AiG and ICR who ignore the plain evidence of creation itself and seek to mislead the scientifically ignorant layperson (like 6LD[3] here) for the sake of who knows what (profit? pride?... I dunno...)"
"you despicable ignoramus"
"you are a reprehensible person"
"so what Adam was meant to do with his genitals before God realised that Adam didn't have a "suitable helper" just doesn't bear thinking about"
"This is a typical despicable rhetorical trick of YEC apologists. I can understand why they do it, since rhetoric and hot air is all they have

"arrogant ignoramous"

     Recently a leader of a group of Christian college and university presidents complained that the number one problem facting Christian colleges today was the "attack of young-earth creationists"![4]  According to the monthly Answers in Genesis newsletter, Ken Ham recently received a letter containing the following sickening comments:

    "Ken, needless to say, you are insane.  People like you need to be exterminated.

    I hope some group or individual does their part to rid people like you from society.  It may take one year, two years, five years, or ten years, but hopefully something awful will happen to you and your family.

    You could do everyone in the USA a favor and hop in your car (heck, bring your family too), head down to the nearest river, lock the door, leave the windows open halfway, drive into the river, rest on the bottom, and stay there for a few hours."

     This letter was apparently from a non-Christian (it's hard to imagine how a Christian could wish this on anyone).  However, one must wonder why fellow Christians would resort to such inflammatory language.  Also, why is it that old earth creationists are seemingly more eager than the atheists to attack YECs.  The answer is quite easy to see.  I believe that most old earth creationists KNOW that they have twisted the words of Scripture to fit their belief in billions of years and they are convicted of it whenever YECs bring it up.  Rather than accepting the clear Word of God as truth, they have performed eisegesis by adding their own beliefs to Scripture.  Instead of bowing to the authority of God, they bow to man’s opinions and resort to lashing out at YECs.[5]

     The old earth creationist views are not borne out by the text of Genesis.  In fact, none of these views existed until the early 19th century, a time in which the idea of vast ages was becoming popular.  If the text truly allowed for vast ages then this would have been discovered long before the 1800s.  What is really disturbing is that the OEC’s greatest support comes from the atheists.  This fact alone should cause them to question their beliefs. 

     Wouldn’t it be great if Christians would just accept God’s Word as is and stop adding their own ideas to it.  Wouldn’t it be great if we could work together and fight against the atheists, skeptics, etc. rather than each other?  Even if we continue to disagree, couldn't we be civil about it and treat one another with respect or is this just too much to ask? 

[1] I am not particularly fond of the YEC label since 6,000 + years is still pretty old.  However, since this is part of the terminology used in the debate, I will use it in this article.

[2] This debate can be viewed at http://www.theologyweb.com/campus/showthread.php?t=56491&page=1&pp=16

[3] Abbreviation of my screen name – Six Literal Days

[4] Cited by Dr. Terry Mortenson in a monthly publication from Answers in Genesis entitled Answers Update.  The comment was made at a meeting of the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities.

[5] A clear example of this can be found in my Theology Web debate.  I asked an OEC whether he believed birds came before reptiles (as the Bible states) or if reptiles came before birds (as the evolutionary theory teaches).  His answer was that the fossil record shows that reptiles came first so that is what he believed.  His answer is found on post # 54 of the debate listed in footnote # 2.  It is truly sad that so many will readily accept the fallible opinions of man rather than the clear Word of the One Who made everything and knows everything.  I would not claim that all OECs realize they are compromising God's Word.  Some probably do so with a clear conscience because they have always been taught by someone promoting this false teaching. 


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