Evolutionists are Fighting Back

by Tim Chaffey

     For years our society has been inundated with evolutionary ideas from the major media outlets.  Television stations, such as The Discovery Channel, PBS, and ABC aggressively promote evolutionary dogma.  Likewise, the print media (magazines and newspapers) publish articles advocating the "truth" of evolution.  National Geographic spends a great deal of time advancing the claims of modern evolutionists.  While this is nothing new, it appears to be picking up steam.

     The rhetoric of these shows and articles is typical.  "We know that evolution is true.  Every scientist believes in evolution.  It's only a few religious fundamentalists that object to it."  Two recent examples of this should suffice.  In the September 2005 edition of National Geographic, Joel Achenbach (a Washington Post Staff Writer) stated, "The central fact of evolution is a given - humans descended from a primate that live in Africa six or seven million years ago - and those who would doubt evolution are arguing against the entire enterprise of science."[1]  My local newspaper recently ran an article from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch entitled “Evolutionary theory on solid scientific ground.”  This article argued that evolution is so well proven that only “religious fundamentalists” would want alternative views taught in schools.[2] 

     Apparently, the evolutionary establishment is nervous about the growing popularity of creationist ministries and the Intelligent Design Movement.  If this were only a battle between religion and science – as is often claimed by evolutionists – it seems strange that so many of them would be so nervous about the grassroots support for creationist ministries.  After all, what would rational, objective scientists have to fear from a group of ignorant, religious fundamentalists? 

     The true reason that many (probably not all) of these people are anxious is that evolution is not science at all.  It is a belief system held by many in an effort to escape the accountability of the one true God.  To many of these folks, evolution is their religion.  It tells them where we came from, why we are here, and where we are going.  In addition, it is a system taken by faith since there is very little, if any, scientific support for the evolutionary hypothesis.[3]  Interestingly enough, Achenbach also stated, "But even though the basics [facts of evolution] are established, some key details are still unknown."[1]  If some key details are still unknown, how can one claim to know that the "central fact of evolution is a given?"  It is only because they have faith that it is true.

     Finally, it is strange that so many naturalistic evolutionists would fret over the teaching of creationism.  If we are simply the result of random chance processes over billions of years, what difference does it make what we believe or how we live?  Why should the evolutionist care if people want to believe in a God and attempt to persuade others to do the same?  From where did they receive their sense of morality?  Certainly not from the "pre-biotic soup" so many billions of years ago.

     The truth of the matter is that everyone is involved in a great battle.  There are only two sides: God’s side and the enemy’s side.  You are either for God or against Him.  There are many Christians who mistakenly believe that it’s okay to accept evolutionary beliefs – as long as God was controlling it, but they are essentially inviting the enemy right into the doors of the church.  Once inside, the enemy wreaks havoc on God’s Word by assaulting its foundation – Genesis.  Sadly, many church leaders have unwittingly destroyed their own foundation.  The solution to the problem is simple: get back to the authority of God’s Word.  We can no longer sit back and call creation v. evolution a side issue.  This is a foundational issue and it is at the forefront of the battle in our day.  The church needs to boldly declare (through word and deed) that it believes God’s Word is true from beginning to end.


[1] Achenbach, J. “Who Knew? Out of Africa.” National Geographic (September 2005), 1.

[2] The article’s author seriously misrepresents the evidence and the position of many creationists.  Midwest Apologetics does NOT endorse the teaching of Biblical Creationism or Intelligent Design in public school classrooms.  The newspaper is the Dubuque Telegraph-Herald.

[3] As we have stated several times, the argument is not over the “facts” but over the interpretation of the facts.  Evolution should not be given the status of a theory since it is not observable, testable, or falsifiable. 


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